Kyung Taec Kim GIST

Prof. Kyung Taec Kim has started his research carrier through his Master and Ph. D. degree courses at KAIST under the supervision of Prof. Chang Hee Nam. He has proposed an attosecond pulse compression using x-ray filters and developed techniques for the characterization of the electron wave packet produced by the attosecond pulses during his degree courses. After he obtained Ph. D, he participated in the project to build the PW laser facility in the Advanced Photonics Research Institute at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) in Korea. In 2010, he has joined Paul Corkum’s research group at the National Research Council in Canada. He developed optical techniques to measure the space-time coupling of attosecond pulses and arbitrary optical waveforms of light pulses. Prof. Kyung Taec Kim is now a group leader of the attosecond science group in the center of the relativistic laser science of the institute of basic science at GIST in Korea.