Chair: Tsuneyuki Ozaki, INRS-EMT, VARENNES, CANADA

  • Zenghu Chang
  • Eiji Takahashi
  • Eric Mével
  • Nobuhisa Ishii
  • Vincent Cardin

#24, 10:30 – 11:00 High Power Isolated Attosecond Pulse Generation with a 200 TW Laser, ZENGHU CHANG, YI WU, ERIC CUNNINGHAM, ADRIAN TATULIAN, We are developing a carrier-envelope phase stabilized 15 fs Ti:Sapphire system with 3 joule pulse energy to generate intense isolated attosecond pulses in gas media. Carrierenvelope phase dependent features were observed in the high-order harmonic spectrum generated using Generalized Double Optical Gating.

#25, 11:00 – 11:15 Carrier-envelope phase stabilization of a 10-Hz high-energy Ti:Sapphire laser, EIJI J. TAKAHASHI, YUXI FU, AND KATSUMI MIDORIKAWA, We demonstrate a simple and robust method for stabilizing the carrier-envelope phase (CEP) of a high-energy Ti:Sapphire laser operating at 10 Hz, with 400 mJ pulse energy, 25 fs duration (16 TW). The measured single-shot CEP noise under 10 Hz operations attains 670 mrad RMS, which is enough for generating an intense isolated attosecond pulse with all laser shots by an infrared two-color gating method. Our proposed CEP stabilization method can be applied to an ultra-low repetition rate high-power laser, such as a petawatt level laser system.

#26, 11:15 – 11:30 High Order Harmonic Generation with Terawatt Few-cycle Laser Pulses, O. HORT , A. DUBROUIL , S. PETIT, D. DESCAMPS , F. CATOIRE , V. V. STRELKOV , E. CONSTANT AND E. MÉVEL, High Order Harmonics generated by Terawatt 10 fs laser pulses exhibit robust and spectacular spatio-spectral structures in the far-field. Simulations show that dominant space time localization of the harmonic dipole is responsible for such structures. Spatial shaping of the generating laser beam should enable an improved control of high intensity attosecond pulses suitable for non linear XUV studies.

#27, 11:30 – 11:45 High-Resolution Absorption Spectroscopy at the Carbon K Edge Using Isolated Soft X-Ray Continua Generated by Millijoule Few-Cycle IR Pulses, N. ISHII, K. KANESHIMA, T. KANAI, S. WATANABE AND J. ITATANI, We produce 10.1-fs, 1.5-mJ optical pulses at 1600 nm in a BIBO-based OPCPA at 1 kHz with CEP stabilization. We apply the millijoule OPCPA to produce isolated soft x-ray continua in HHG with a photon yield of 35 times more than those generated previously by half-millijoule IR pulses. These high-flux soft x-ray pulses allow to resolve x-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) of the 1s-π* and -σ* transitions at the carbon K edge with a spectral resolution of better than 1.5 eV. This is the first laser-based soft x-ray light source for high-resolution spectroscopy in the water window region.

#28, 11:45 – 12:00 5mJ 2-cycle pulses at 1.8μm through stretched hollow core fiber compression, VINCENT CARDIN, NICOLAS THIRÉ, VINCENT WANIE, SAMUEL BEAULIEU, FRANÇOIS LÉGARÉ AND BRUNO E. SCHMIDT, By employing hollow-core fiber compression using a stretched flexible fiber, we achieved 2-cycles pulses centered on 1.8μm with 5mJ energy per pulse.