Chair: Mauro Nisoli, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

 8:30 Welcome note by the organizers

#1, 8:45 – 9:30 Tutorial: New Frontiers in Attosecond Spectroscopy, DORON AZOURY, MICHAEL KRÜGER, OREN PEDATZUR, GAL ORENSTEIN, GIL PORAT, GIDEON ALON, AYELET UZAN, BARRY D. BRUNER, AND NIRIT DUDOVICH. Attosecond science is a young field of research that has rapidly evolved over the past decade. Leading researchers in the field have opened a door into a new area of research that allows one to observe multi-electron dynamics. I will review the main challenges and goals in attosecond spectroscopy. I will then focus on a new direction that integrates the two main branches in attosecond spectroscopy – the XUV pump-probe scheme with HHG spectroscopy. This scheme increases the dimensionality in both the measurement and control of attosecond scale processes. Furthermore, it combines the accuracy, provided by HHG spectroscopy, with the control, provided by the XUV pulses.

#2, 9:30 – 9:45 All-Optical Single-Shot Measurement of Time-Dependent Fields in Short Pulses, DONGHYUK KO AND PAUL CORKUM. We propose all-optical single-shot measurement for complete temporal characterization of attosecond pulses and femtosecond laser pulses. We overlap two laser beams noncollinearly at a gas medium to generate and perturb attosecond emissions. A weak laser field induces a moving grating and affects the harmonic generation process driven by the other strong laser field. By refocusing the diffracted beams on the imaging plane, temporal structures of the time-varying optical fields are revealed on a time-frequency spectrogram. Rigorous phase retrieval algorithm recovers the phase from the spectrogram for achieving complete reconstruction of the ultrashort optical pulses.

#3, 9:45 – 10:00 Simultaneous generation of pulses at 20 eV and 90 eV for attosecond pump-probe experiments, D. FABRIS, T. WITTING, W. A. OKELL, D. J. WALKE, P. MATIA-HERNANDO, J. HENKEL, T. R. BARILLOT, M. LEIN, J. P. MARANGOS, J. W. G. TISCH. We present a novel source of synchronised ultrafast pulses at different photon energies, generated via high-harmonic generation and uniquely suited for attosecond pump – attosecond probe experiments. We have temporally characterised the pair of pulses using attosecond streaking and a FROGCRAB algorithm and obtained a temporal duration of 576±16 as at 20 eV and 257±21 as at 90 eV.