Pascal Salières Laboratory Interactions, Dynamics and Lasers (LIDyL)

Pascal Salières is a research director at the Laboratory Interactions, Dynamics and Lasers (LIDyL) of CEA-Saclay. He graduated from ESPCI-ParisTech graduate school in 1991 and received his PhD degree in Physics from the Pierre and Marie University – Paris 6 in 1995, focusing on the coherence properties of high harmonic generation. Since then, he has developed advanced methods, such as phase spectroscopy techniques, for the characterization and application of harmonic and attosecond pulses. His current research interests are on attosecond electronic and nuclear dynamics studied through high harmonic spectroscopy and attosecond photo-ionization spectroscopy. He is a member of several scientific committees (e.g., ELI-ALPS) and was awarded national (Grand Prix Jacques Herbrand 2004 of the French Academy of Sciences) and international (OSA Fellow) distinctions.